Personal, one-on-one guidance through the course "Power in your Point" and coaching through the Breezentations System, as well as ongoing mentoring | taught by Nick Elliott

Course description

In this program, you'll receive all that Coaching Program Two includes: life-time access to the the course, Power in Your Point; a coach personally guiding you through your learning experience; the motivation and accountability to ensure you get the most out of training! You'll also receive coaching on applying the principles and process to up to three presentations. This program will make sure you develop the expertise and experience for creating truly stand-out presentations with slides, with ongoing support.

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Nick Elliott
Nick Elliott
Nick holds a Master's in Organizational Development Psychology, a Bachelor's in Education, and a Certificate in Professional Photography. He has spent the last two decades pursuing expertise in effective business communication, instructional design, the art of the presentation. He has acquired that expertise through his vast experience as business owner, teacher, corporate trainer, eLearning developer, instructional designer, consultant, and lifelong learner.

His passion and gift is in taking seemingly complex concepts and decoding them, simplifying them, making them easier, and sharing the results with others. As founder of Breezentations website and blog, he loves helping individuals and organizations who want to make giving effective presentations easier, through workshops, coaching, consulting, and this online program, Power in your Point.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the program
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